Wednesday Ratings | 7:30 and GRUEN deliver a commercial-free win

Seven are leaning way too heavily on the AFL in the back half of the week.

A Current Affair (592,000) continues to be Nine’s best, providing a solid platform to allow the rest of the night to meander to a win. Celebrity Apprentice Australia (439,000) lands its season best, though still well behind both the overall and commercial front-runners. A repeat of Travel Guides (359,000) does surprisingly good business in the later night, while a repeat of Chicago Med (64,000) does very little, with added Footy Classified (87,000 MEL / ADL / PER) mixing it up.
Nine first in both primary (19.4%) and network (29.1%) rankings.

If only Home & Away (475,000) could crack 500k for Seven they’d probably be in a much better place, however with Big Brother Australia (337,000) performing as criminally as it is they will only land where they do because of their News product from 6 pm-7pm. After that it gets even worse, with a repeat of Unbelievable Moments Caught On Camera (72,000) and Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back (59,000), though The Front Bar (263,000 (170,000 MEL)) filled a gap earlier or later depending on your state and really only does business in Melbourne accordingly.
Seven second in both primary (18.1%) and network (24.6%) rankings.

7:30 (524,000) and Gruen (619,000) both step up on last week’s footy-affected run, and combine their powers to take out the primetime win. The Weekly With Charlie Pickering (557,000) and You Can’t Ask That (310,000) own the later night too as a double. Repeats of Would I Lie To You? (214,000) and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (36,000) fill out the night for Aunty.
ABC third in both primary (14.5%) and network (19.1%) rankings.00

The Project (293,000 6:30 pm; 380,000 7pm) remains a ratings rollercoaster, not helping 10 or offering much support to its only Wednesday highlight in MasterChef Australia (554,000), which is by far the best of the commercial primetime offerings and in a reasonable second place in the slot. Five Bedrooms (236,000) lifts slightly though rests too much on Total TV numbers, and the premiere of Good Sam (101,000) does almost nothing (it was canceled after one season in the US, so don’t get attached). The penultimate ep This Is Us (49,000) brings tears and few live viewers.
10 fourth in both primary (12.4%) and network (18.6%) rankings.

A quieter Wednesday on SBS, with Tony Robinson: WWII By Drone (142,000), The Queen and Her Prime Ministers (164,000), and a repeat of New York Super Airport (74,000).
SBS fifth in both primary (4.9%) and network (8.7%) rankings.


16-39: Celebrity Apprentice Australia (110,000) comes in ahead of MasterChef Australia, Seven News 6 pm/6:30pm, and Nine News 6:30 pm.

18-49: MasterChef Australia (195,000) beats out Seven News 6pm, Nine News 6:30 pm, Seven News 6:30 pm, and Nine News 6pm.

25-54: MasterChef Australia (238,000) is followed by Seven News 6pm, Nine News 6:30 pm, Seven News 6:30 pm, and Nine News 6pm.


Nothing touches the sides of Bluey – AM (418,000) which delivers another massive multi-channel win to ABC Kids / TV Plus.


Service Time O’nights (cume / avg) Note
ABC National News 7 pm-7:30pm 592,000
SBS World News 6:30 pm-7:30pm 126,000 138,000 6:30 pm
114,000 7pm
Seven News 6 pm-7pm 903,000 926,000 6pm
880,000 6:30 pm
Nine News 6 pm-7pm 799,000 803,000 6pm
795,000 6:30 pm
10 News First 5 pm-6:30pm 325,000 5pm
248,000 6pm

SBS World News averaged ((6:30 pm + 7pm) / 2) to obtain total program figure.
Seven News / Nine News figures averaged ((6 pm +6:30pm) / 2) to obtain total program figure.


Sunrise (211,000)
ABC Breakfast (192,000 (135,000 ABC; 57,000 ABC News))
The Today Show (191,000)


No changes to the previous week’s primetime line-up after the Total TV figures were added: State of Origin Game 1 Live (Nine) lifted 18% to 2,963,000; MasterChef Australia (10) lifted 25% to 715,000; and Big Brother Australia (Seven) lifted 65% to 686,000.

The BVOD best were State of Origin Game 1 Live (436,000), Big Brother Australia (185,000), State of Origin Game 1 Pre-Match (169,000), State of Origin Game 1 Post-Match (135,000) and Home and Away (133,000). ).

Here’s the five shows that lifted the most from their overnight figures:

Program Network Total TV % lift
Big Brother Australia Seven 686,000 65
Gruen ABC 888,000 31
You Can’t Ask That ABC 468,000 26
MasterChef Australia 10 715,000 25
Five Bedrooms 10 362,000 25

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Daily Consolidated 7 Total TV: All figures Total People, Consolidated 7 day Five City Metro (5CM) + Regional (Reg) + BVOD (Broadcast Video on Demand); % lift compared to overnight figures.

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