Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank: What is the highest TPBank commodity interest rate budget in June 2022?

06 June 2022

This month, the current system, the high-end of TPBank was write a 6.35% / year, for the register money to register under the product for Savy at the period of 18 months and 24 months.

Entering June, Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) continued to maintain the same savings performance as last month. Because of that, the Steroid of the screen under the format of the normal current endation, still between 3.2% / year and 6% / year, is for terms from 1 month – 36 months.

Specifically, the 1-month term is fixed by TPBank with an interest rate savings of 3.2% / year. With the remaining term of 2 months and 3 months, this bank is deploying interest rates of 3.4% / year and 3.45% / year, respectively.

In case customers deposit money at 6-month term, they will enjoy a clearly higher interest rate of 5.3% / year. Meanwhile, for a term of 9 months and 364 days, the interest rate mobilized by TPBank is 5.7% / year.

TPBank’s listed interest rate for bank deposits with terms as long as 18 months and 36 months is 6% / year.

With a short term of 1 week – 3 weeks, TPBank still maintains at 0.1% / year for all account deposits.

In addition, customers can choose to deposit money in different form fields with competitive balance system and unchanged from before, such as: first period (from 3.15% / year to 5.3% / year), monthly field (3.38% / year – 5.6% / year), quarterly field (5.25% / year – 5.65% / year).

In addition, customers deposit money at TPBank and can choose online savings products with the system applying a higher frame margin of 0.1% – 0.15 pts compared to the savings product at TPBank. . Here, SRT is also maintained ranging from 3.3% / year to 6.15% / year.

The latest TPBank symbolic budget in June 2022

Also in this June, many other savings deposit products at TPBank are still implemented, such as: Bao An Loc Deposit, Fortune Savings, Bao Loc Savings, Future Savings, Truong An Loc Savings, Saving Savy, Future Savings, Saving Livebank, .. so that customers have more choices.

Notably, the savings product Savy with the last rate of the register, gets 6.35% / year for deposits registered at 18 and 24 months.

Savy savings interest rate at TPBank updated in June 2022

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