This premier real estate firm is ramping up its efforts to support agents in meeting the needs of clients

The former head honcho of projects has 13 years of experience in real estate, having served as OTT’s head of Sales & Strategy and head of Training & Development. His aim is to create a more coordinated sales force by bringing agents from the secondary (resale units) market and primary market (selling units of new launches) together.

“Instead of working separately, this will help build cohesiveness and camaraderie within the organization,” he adds.

Joining him at the new Residential Projects Department is Mr Alvin Khoo who brings to the table 15 years of project marketing experience.

Marketing dream homes

Mr Alvin Khoo, who used to head a branch at OTT, led the successful marketing efforts of noteworthy launches such as the luxury condominium CanningHill Piers in River Valleywhich sold 77 per cent of its 696 units, in the first weekend of its launch.

Project marketing, says Mr Alvin Khoo, is a unique endeavor that requires agents to “market a dream” and that would take more than just technical skills and knowledge.

Unlike existing resale properties, agents selling new residential properties are armed with just a floor plan. Mr Alvin Khoo wants to impart his skills and knowledge on the best ways to fire up the imagination of prospective homebuyers, getting them to visualize their dream homes while viewing the showrooms at launches.

He explains: “This includes preparing the team on the product knowledge, unique features and potential of each individual project, and identifying and developing their strengths to use during marketing activities.”

To effectively market these dream homes, cultivating and having a good relationship with the developer is half the battle won – something Mr Ramesh Pillai knows best.

“Different developers have different requirements,” he notes, “and the challenging part is identifying what they want and advising tailored solutions to cater to their needs.”

With 12 years of experience in business development, and even experience in urban and regional planning consultancy, he shares that the strategy lies in building rapport and really having a good understanding of what developers want.

Mr Pillai adds: By fostering good relationships with developers, we are able to understand the inspiration and passion behind the development at an intimate level. Thus, making it easier to convey the unique selling points to OTT agents and consumers more effectively.

Investing in talent to propel growth

Besides bringing together the top brains in projects, project marketing and developer relations under one department, OTT has set up a new Projects Region Force to improve sales.

Led by regional managers who handle five different regions in Singapore, the Projects Region Force is tasked with planning and running consumer seminars and project tours to engage agents.

It will also work with a separate team, known as the Special Sales Force, which focuses on agent engagement and talent development.

OTT is now gearing up to launch its Consumer Empowerment Program (CEP). More details will be announced at a later date.

Mr Yio, who is in charge of the program, says: “CEP seeks to help members of the public better understand how to profile their own property assets and portfolio.

“Through this program, OTT hopes to equip and empower individuals looking to find their next investment property with the right knowledge and resources, by addressing the ‘why’ before looking into the ‘what’ to help them design and build their property portfolio with greater confidence. ”

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