These money and investing tips can help you read the market’s signs

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You’ll know the bear market is nearing an end when anxious investors push the ‘panic’ button

The end of the bear market is not close. That’s according to a contrarian analysis of stock market sentiment: the US stock market hasn’t yet experienced the extreme pessimism seen at major bottoms. It may certainly feel like there’s plenty of pessimism and despair on Wall Street. But that bearishness seems a mile wide and … Read more

Retail traders haven’t given up on the stock market — and that could mean it has further to fall

As investors search for potential signs of investor exhaustion to gauge whether the bear market in US stocks might have more room to run, a team of analysts warned that retail traders likely still have scope to get more negative on stocks. This in turn may suggest that a full-on market “capitulation” might still lie … Read more

With airfares skyrocketing, here’s how to save money on travel

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet. After years of shifting plans and making compromises, many travelers are finally ready to go on a real vacation this summer. But here’s the catch: Prices are skyrocketing as pent-up demand crashes into limited availability. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, average airfare … Read more

The stock market is not fully pricing in a looming recession, say Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs

The price is not right. That’s the verdict from strategists at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, who each warned as a new week kicked off that the stock market wasn’t fully pricing in a recession. And that’s as US equities SPX, + 2.42% were off to a solid start as trading resumed after Monday’s Juneteenth … Read more

These money and investing tips can help you be smarter in a bear market that might not be average

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Why stock-market investors are ‘nervous’ that an earnings recession may be looming

Investors are anxious the stock market may be facing an earnings recession, potentially leading to deeper losses after the S&P 500 index just suffered its worst week since March 2020. “It’s pretty clear that earnings estimates are probably going to come down after rising since the first of the year,” said Bob Doll, chief investment … Read more

Markets Won’t Sink Forever. Asset Manager Stocks Are a Cheap Play on a Rebound.

Asset-management stocks have been hit hard this year in the market selloff, with some down 35% to 45%, almost double the decline in the S&P 500 index. No industry is more directly tied to stock and bond markets, and a bear market depresses assets under management, revenue, and earnings. Profit estimates for 2022 lately have … Read more

Weekend reads: Your guide to bear markets for stocks, crypto and, soon, housing

The S&P 500 index plunged 23.6% from its closing high on Jan. 4 through June 16. The damage has been broad – on June 16, 97% of stocks in the benchmark index were down, with more than a third dropping at least 5%. A bear market is no fun to wait through, but the US … Read more

Opinion: ‘The stock market is not going to zero’: How this individual investor with 70 years of experience is trading the bear market

Not many investors can claim a lifetime of stock-market success. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, + 0.75% BRK.B, + 0.46% comes to mind, of course, but what about Warren Kaplan? Who? Kaplan is an 85-year-old individual investor with 70 years of stock-trading experience. Kaplan grew up in a poor family in the Bronx, NY, … Read more