Why COVID-19 reinfections should not be taken lightly | Lifestyle Health

Why COVID-19 reinfections should not be taken lightly |  Lifestyle Health

The pandemic has gone through several twists and turns, and is far from over. With emphasis on reinfections, this article examines some of the latest research findings, and how that could shape our future. 1. The changing narrative about COVID vaccines In the beginning of the pandemic, there was a simplistic view that if we … Read more

Ahead of Market: 10 things that will decide stock action on Monday

In sync with the global markets, domestic benchmark index Nifty also rallied for the second consecutive day on Friday and ended with a gain of 143 points at 15,699. Barring IT, all sectoral indices ended in the green with media, auto and banking gaining the most. Here’s how analysts read the market pulse: Prashanth Tapse, … Read more

What you need to know about maternity bra as pregnancy begins | Lifestyle Women

New Delhi: Dear Mothers, you buy a pregnancy bra and then outgrow it in a few months – quite inconvenient, isn’t it? Moreover, when you already have a lot on your plate, the hassle of purchasing yet another set of pregnancy bras would be a nightmare for you. However, your body is changing, so you … Read more

Healthy Lifestyle Changes that Must be Incorporated by Women in their 40s

Reaching the age of 40 is a significant milestone in a person’s life, and as women age, they face innumerable changes in their bodies. While childbirth and menopause are big landmarks in a woman’s life, turning 40 kicks in the pre-menopausal phase that can result in muscle pain, bone ache, skin pigmentation, drastic weight gain, … Read more

Critics fear abortion bans could jeopardize health of pregnant women | Lifestyle

The 17 states that ban abortion after 20 weeks make exceptions to protect the life or health of the woman. But doctors and reproductive health advocates worry such exceptions are so vague or narrow that abortion providers are unlikely to invoke them – especially if they fear they could be charged with a crime. In … Read more

Hundreds attend inaugural Ina Well Fest | Lifestyle

Editor’s note: The Pacific Daily News is a sponsor of Ina Well Fest. Livia Marati, founder of Ina Wellness Collective, is also a contributing writer to the Lifestyle section with her column, “Mind Body Monthly.” The excitement at yesterday’s inaugural Ina Well Fest was palpable from the moment festivalgoers first entered the Hyatt Regency ballroom … Read more

NextFerm Technologies announces its first commercial delivery of ProteVinâ, in the US

(via NewsDirect) Company has delivered two tons of raw material to SpaceMilk, a health and wellness brand, expected to launch its ProteVin ™ based product during this summer The company marks the achievement of the second strategic milestone (out of five) for 2022. This announcement follows an earlier announcement made this week about initiating ProteVin’s … Read more