Neil Sperry: Gardener’s Mailbag | Lifestyle

Neil Sperry: Gardener’s Mailbag |  Lifestyle

Dear Neil: Attached is a photograph of my lawn. I’ve had the same problem with my St. Augustine every year for the past five years. I have applied a fungicide and Canadian peat moss with no apparent effect. I have planted new sod squares only to watch them die within a couple of seasons. My … Read more

Celebrating Smolak Farm | Lifestyle

Celebrating Smolak Farm |  Lifestyle

NORTH ANDOVER – Michael Smolak never planned on becoming a farmer. “When I left here, I was not coming back,” he said. Smolak set out for the University of Pennsylvania, where he first studied to become an architect. But a mentor convinced him there would not be any jobs in the field when he graduated, … Read more