The Stock Market Rally Is Real. It’s Still a Bear Market.

Text size Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images) Even bear markets get bounces. The stock market had a terrific week, and for the first time in a long time, the rally feels like it can last. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 5.4%, the S&P 500 gained 6.4%, and the Nasdaq … Read more

These money and investing tips can help you read the market’s signs

Don’t miss these top money and investing features: Sign up here to get MarketWatch’s best mutual funds and ETF stories emailed to you weekly! INVESTING NEWS & TRENDS How retirees should navigate this bear market Constantly checking your net worth can be hazardous to your wealth Read More The stock market’s return will be minus … Read more

You’ll know the bear market is nearing an end when anxious investors push the ‘panic’ button

The end of the bear market is not close. That’s according to a contrarian analysis of stock market sentiment: the US stock market hasn’t yet experienced the extreme pessimism seen at major bottoms. It may certainly feel like there’s plenty of pessimism and despair on Wall Street. But that bearishness seems a mile wide and … Read more

Stocks Shoot Higher. Powell Couldn’t Scare Markets This Time.

Text size David L. Nemec / New York Stock Exchange The stock market gained Thursday as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tested before Congress for a second day. Nothing he has said scared the market — for now. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 195 points, or 0.6%, while the S&P 500 rose 1% and … Read more

Retail traders haven’t given up on the stock market — and that could mean it has further to fall

As investors search for potential signs of investor exhaustion to gauge whether the bear market in US stocks might have more room to run, a team of analysts warned that retail traders likely still have scope to get more negative on stocks. This in turn may suggest that a full-on market “capitulation” might still lie … Read more

Stock Market Today: Dow Gains Despite Recession Fears

Text size People walk along Wall Street, near the New York Stock Exchange in New York. Photo by ED JONES / AFP via Getty Images The stock market edged into positive territory, reversing early losses as investors monitor Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony before Congress. About an hour after the open, the Dow Jones … Read more

The stock market is not fully pricing in a looming recession, say Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs

The price is not right. That’s the verdict from strategists at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, who each warned as a new week kicked off that the stock market wasn’t fully pricing in a recession. And that’s as US equities SPX, + 2.42% were off to a solid start as trading resumed after Monday’s Juneteenth … Read more

Asian markets mostly fall ahead of US holiday

TOKYO (AP) – Asian markets were mostly lower in cautious trading Monday ahead of a federal holiday in the US Worries over inflation and risks of a global recession from central bank efforts to bring it under control appeared to outweigh Wall Street’s positive close on Friday. The price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency … Read more

Stock Market Bargain Hunters May Want to Hold Off

Text size Some strategists recommend investors wait before bargain hunting after market declines. Stocks could be in for further losses, they say. David L. Nemec / New York Stock Exchange A 20% -plus decline in the stock market is often a signal to bargain hunters to step in. But strategists warn that US stocks could … Read more

How to Stand Up to a Bear Market

This isn’t a bear market; it’s two bear markets. One is menacing younger investors who are still in their saving years. The other is mauling those who are in or near retirement. For people still in their prime earning years, this bear market is likely to be as bullish in the long run as it … Read more