South East traders condemn proposed ban on commercial motorcycle operation nationwide The Guardian Nigeria News

South-East traders have urged the Federal Government to reconsider the proposed total ban on motorcycles operation across the country, considering its negative socio-economic consequences.

The traders, under the auspices of South East Amalgamated Markets Traders Association (SEAMATA), rather asked the government to use intelligence to identify areas where the ban had become imperative.

The traders’ position was contained in a statement issued by SEAMATA President General, Chief Gozie Akudolu, and its Secretary General, Mr. Alex Okwudili, in Enugu, yesterday.

A National Security Council’s proposal on the ban had said that criminals and bandits are using motorcycles for nefarious activities.

But SEAMATA had expressed shock over the statement, which, according to it, would amount to “throwing away the baby with the bath water.”

The union said: “This proposal to ban motorcycles across the country means not only the folding of industries, with its adverse implications on the country’s economy, but sending hundreds of thousands of youths into the over-saturated Nigerian labor market.

“This will surely create a viable recruitment ground for bandits and criminals and, in turn, escalate the security challenges of the nation.

“There are other industries who produce motorcycle components, especially the rubber and plastic parts, which would fold up and sack their employees.

“The businesses of those in the distribution chain of this industry, ranging from dealers in motorcycles, others in motorcycle spare parts, more in artisans like mechanics, vulcanizers and many more, would be put on the line.

“The number of citizens who depend on motorcycles to earn their living as commercial transport operators (Okada), especially in the hinterlands, shall be thrown out.”

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