Skincare expert explains how sunscreens help prevent aging

No matter which season, climate, or weather condition you’re in, or if you are indoors sitting in front of a screen, sunscreen is something that should be omnipresent in your skincare routine.

In fact, even if you are someone who does not have a skincare ‘routine’ as such, you can always start with the basics – cleaning, moisturising, SPF, something which is crucial for maintaining one’s skin health not only on a regular basis but also for the future.

If you are someone who is in their late 20s or early 30s and are looking for the most effective anti-aging product or ingredient, the answer, said Desiree Stordahl, senior research and education manager, Paula’s Choice, is much simpler than you might think: sunscreen.

“If you’re not protecting your skin from sun exposure, all the other anti-aging products you use aren’t going to be able to make much of a difference,” she said.

Explaining further, Stordahl said: “The sun’s UVA and UVB rays trigger a cascade of free radical damage and inflammation that is the major cause of wrinkles, sagging skin, discolorations, as well as many other issues that rob skin of its youthful qualities. By protecting skin from this damage, daily use of sunscreen delivers anti-aging and skin health benefits above and beyond any other product. ”

She insisted on consistency and diligence being the key when it comes to sunscreen, “that means applying SPF 30 or greater every single day, even if you’re just going to be sitting inside by a window (the sun’s damaging UVA rays penetrate glass) or on a cloudy day (yes, damaging rays still penetrate through clouds). ”

Stordahl’s advice is to look for a sunscreen that is loaded with antioxidants for even better protection as well as enhanced anti-aging benefits. “That way you’re getting sun protection and anti-aging ingredients at the same time. This will also help make any other anti-aging products you use work so much better as they won’t have as much of an uphill battle to fight against the signs of aging caused by sun damage. ”

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