Save money on pet expenses with these top tips

With reports that the cost-of-living crisis is forcing pet owners to give up their beloved furry family members, money-saving experts have revealed some crafty ways to keep pet expenses low.

Animal rescue shelters and pet experts in Oldham have warned that the ongoing cost-of-living crisis could be forcing pet owners to give up their animals for adoption.

Vets also fear an uptick in animal welfare concerns as some owners may avoid taking their pets for medical treatments out of fear that they cannot afford the vet bill.

Fortunately, insight by the money-saving website, Savoo, reveals there are numerous ways to shave precious pounds and pennies off general pet expenses and even veterinary fees.

Pet food remains one of the largest monthly outgoings on the list for pet owners.

But Savoo points out that there are plenty of brands and options online which stand as far cheaper alternatives than those on supermarket shelves.

Ed Fleming, managing director at Savoo, also advised savvy shoppers to hunt for offers and discount codes online which could go a long way to “shed some extra pounds off the weekly shop”.

However, for those who are really struggling, Pets4Homes says there are numerous pet food banks across the country and discounted pet food can be found at Oldham’s local RSPCA centre.

The second-largest expense that pet owners face is often vet prescriptions.

But pharmacies online can often sell prescriptions at a fraction of the price, just make sure that the pharmacy is certified to do so.

As for vet bills, the RSPCA offers some schemes and advice to help those in need while the PSDA and Manchester Cheshire Dogs Home can offer low-cost neutering and inexpensive vet care.

And finally, Mr Fleming is encouraging pet owners to sign up to loyalty programs to access additional offers.

He said that there are many pet retailers that offer loyalty programs and issue newsletters to access exclusive discounts and coupons.

Mr Fleming added: “With the cost of living at an all-time high, many families across the UK are struggling to take care of their pets, with animal charities finding the number of pets they’re taking in increase.

“Losing a pet can cause great emotional upset, and there are many things you can do to cut back on costs whilst also keeping your furry friend in the family”.

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