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In today’s digital world, technology has become the backbone of most industries. Healthcare in particular is technology dependent from medical procedures to revenue management. SANTECHTURE focuses on creating value through automation and artificial intelligence-driven healthcare fintech solutions to optimise Middle East healthcare providers’ revenue and claims process.

Similar to the notion of utilising an app for operational efficiency and support, SANTECHTURE’s product portfolio focuses on universal pain points such as manual administration, inaccurate documentation, inappropriate financial tracking, and expensive in-house billing processes.

Four evolved and proven software programs excel individually to meet bespoke requirements regardless of scale and complexities, but also collectively offer increased productivity through process automation and human error elimination. AI validation and continuous process improvements are also accounts for.

“As the average healthcare claims rejection rate is 13% across the UAE and KSA, it’s operationally essential for provider administrators to navigate and implement solutions that aid in rate decline. Our products automate RCM workflow and claims validation, simplify medical coding, and provide end-to-end practice management. As a firm, we understand this essential business function and work with clients to implement our products in a bespoke manner to meet individual needs,’ said Anas Batikhi, Founder and CEO, SANTECHTURE.

With the ability to integrate with each other, compatibility with Health Information Systems (HIS) and the Saudi Billing System (SYS), and uphold Software as a Service (SaaS) compliant mechanisms, SANTECHTURE’s core product offering includes:
• ROBIN: A complete RCM workflow system – Prevents revenue leakage by reducing errors and automating processes in the following areas: Patient Eligibility, Policy Benefits Check, Pre-Authorisation, Patient Share Payments, Final Invoice Creation, E-claims Submission, Denial Management, among other key internal functions.
• THYNK: AI-Based Rule Engine for Claims Validation & Billing – Covers over 4 million medical and insurance rules.
• CODEMINE: Advanced Computer-Assisted Medical Coding – Digital content to replace books; First SaaS compliant program in the region.
• QUBE: SaaS Electronic Medical Records (EMR) with the power of ROBIN, THYNK, and CODEMINE

“Using RCM intelligent automation products enables healthcare providers to earn an additional 6%3 in revenue with their support. This is due to meticulous coding medical diagnoses, editing, and scrubbing claims, and performing required medical and eligible checks that may be missed by the human interface. This alone makes the decision to transition to such platforms an easy choice. Further, ease of use, customization features, and holistic systematic approach will aid in product attractiveness the region and in KSA in particular due to its current aggressive growth period.’ added Batikhi.

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