Ryan Gosling’s Chevelle Malibu from ‘Drive’

Article Highlights:

  • Ryan Gosling rebuilt the junkyard 1973 Chevrolet Malibu that his character drove in the 2011 film Drive.
  • The 1973 Malibu wasn’t much to look at with its primer-gray exterior. However, the car’s rough and subtle presence and powerful capability are an automotive mirror of Gosling’s character.
  • Drive Director Nicholas Winding Refn gave Gosling artistic license to choose his character’s car. Gosling handpicked the project car from a Los Angeles junkyard.

Nicholas Winding Refn’s 2011 movie Drive is a story of a conflicted, strong-silent-type car guy played by Ryan Gosling. Gosling’s character, simply referred to as “Driver,” works as a mechanic during the day, and a stunt driver thereafter. If that wasn’t enough, Driver is a calm, calculated getaway driver at night. Viewers get the feeling that Driver’s stunts are where he wants to be, namely in LA’s entertainment scene. However, his activities and interests get him caught up in the affairs of LA gangsters, and trouble ensues.

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