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In the bleak uncertainty that befell NYC during the early days of the pandemic, Madison Sutton (@thenycagent) adapted to the changing tides by riding the social media wave. After one of her videos went viral on TikTok with 1.5 million views, Sutton quickly found herself on the roster at Brown Harris Stevens, and has been at the forefront of the firm’s agency-fueled content strategy ever since.

Here, Sutton discusses how she’s navigating this desirable pipeline and the importance of creating a community, both in the field and online.

RISMedia: How has your career benefited from social connection?
Madison Sutton: I got 100% of my business from TikTok almost instantly. When creating videos, you find that there’s so much knowledge that you possess as an agent. I’ve learned that I can not just know something, but rather, I have to be able to explain it in a very digestible way. I’ve benefited from my real estate knowledge, as well as my ability to adapt to different types of people, scenarios and situations.

RISMedia: What are your best tips for navigating TikTok?
MS: There are two types of mentalities behind it: an optimistic mentality and a preventative mentality. If you’re going into something with a preventative mentality, you’re posting with the mentality of, “I do not want to get any negative feedback from this,” and when you do that, you’ll always be limiting yourself. Alternatively, if you put a video out there with really strong, positive intentions, that’s how you’ll grow. As real estate agents, we are the experts. When we go into a room, we can see everything we need to see within 15 to 30 seconds. Not only do you have to view things through the eyes of the consumer, but you also have to film that way so they can conceptualize themselves in space as if they were viewing it in real-time. As women in the industry, we do not get promoted based on potential — we get promoted based on results. You have to focus on which skill sets are needed to be your most authentic self.

RISMedia: Why is curating community content important?
MS: Creating a neighborhood, and what I like to call “connective content,” does not only show that you’re a neighborhood expert, but it also connects you to the community. When you immerse yourself in the community, not only is it great for business as far as lead referrals, but you also learn more about your neighbors and who’s pouring their heart and soul into the community.

RISMedia: What keeps you passionate?
MS: One of my favorite things about real estate is the story. You go into a home, and you’re seeing a story. It’s not just the little chips in the floor; it’s part of the much larger story of the people who lived there before. It’s almost like you’re the author of someone’s new chapter. It’s an incredible experience you’re helping to curate.

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