New Fenwick market hopes to encourage Niagara to shop local

Jeska Eedens, owner of Taurus Terrazzo Homewares, hand crafts a variety of items including plant pots, including the bum pot she is holding in her hands. Eedens is one of the artists to be featured in the inaugural Fenwick Market and Trunk Sale.

Running your own business during the best of times isn’t always easy.

That task becomes even more complicated when throwing a pandemic into the mix.

It’s one of the reasons why Katie Dyson-Wilkens and Olivia Wilkens-Settle decided to put together the inappropriate Fenwick Market and Trunk sale.

Wilkens-Settle explained she and her sister were able to hunker down during the pandemic at their family’s 10-acre plot of land in Fenwick.

“There, it was not lost on use how lucky we are, especially seeing what other people, their families and businesses were going through and the stress of not necessarily having that (safe place),” Wilkens-Settle said.

“We made this promise that when everything was over, we could find a way to give back to the community using our property, but also making it super accessible.”

What makes it accessible is the cost for vendors to participate in the event, which is $ 50 for one day or $ 75 for two. Vendors that lost inventory during the Hernder Estate Winery fire in St. Catharines earlier this year were not charged a fee to participate.

The two-day market, planned for June 25 and June 26, will feature local makers, small businesses and food vendors each day from 10 am to 4 pm at 1135 Center St.

Jeska Eedens, of Niagara Falls, started her own business while on maternity leave as a flight attendant.

“My second child was born during the pandemic, so in early 2021 I was going a little stir crazy because all of my creative outlets had been shut down. I needed to find something new and I wanted to create something, ”she said.

That’s when Taurus Terrazzo Homewares was born. Eedens makes a variety of homewares including soap dishes, trinket trays, coasters, candles as well as plant pots and accessories.

Eeden was one of the first people to jump on board when she heard about the Fenwick market.

Organizers reached out to Eeden to participate and she explained she was drawn to their passion and excitement.

She was also one of the vendors affected by the Hernder Estate fire, and decided to focus more on local markets as costs for running her own business continue to increase.

“Especially after the fire, I definitely pulled out of storefronts that were kind of further away from me. I was in Vaughan Mills and Oshawa. I had to put out of some locations and focusing on local areas like Niagara just because of those insane prices, ”she said.

“Even just since I’ve started, and I’ve only been in business for a year, everything is much more expensive. I have to recalculate the costs of goods on a monthly basis. ”

Close friends and co-owners of Groundswell Coffee Company, Kristie Willms and Alexander Mills, will bring their mobile coffee cafe to the market on both days.

Willms said Groundswell Coffee Company had to pivot during the pandemic, offering bags of coffee for sale by porch drops.

Signing onto the market was a no-brainer, according to Willms, because it will give her mobile cafe a great platform to introduce high-quality specialty coffee.

“I grew up in Fenwick and it gives me a chance to showcase great coffee in my hometown and for me that’s a big thing.”

Wilkens-Settle said the hope is that the market will continue from year to year and continue to grow and eventually offer multiple markets a year. The ultimate goal is to get a foothold in the Niagara region and support the community.

For more information about the market, visit The Fenwick Market Facebook page.

STORY BEHIND THE STORY: Many businesses have been directly impacted over the last two years because of the pandemic. Niagara This Week decided to reach out to Katie Dyson-Wilkens and Olivia Wilkens-Settle about their reason for wanting to help local businesses, many of them women-owned. The pair are hosting the inaugural Fenwick Market to support these businesses.


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