Multiplatform Xbox Bethesda Showcase Announcements Reportedly Embargoed

Sunday’s Xbox Bethesda showcase announcements included a number of multiplatform games but when it came to new announcements and premieres, the subsequent communication by game developers and publishers didn’t necessarily make it clear whether their games were headed to PS4 and PS5 or not. We noted as much in our multiplatform news roundup from the event in case of Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden announcements but I also struggled to figure out whether Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was headed to PlayStation or not. Well, a blooper caught by Gematsu seems to give the impression that Microsoft embargoed multiplatform news for at least two days.

Why fans think Xbox Bethesda showcase announcements were embargoed for other platforms

Press releases from Koei Tecmo and Atlus pertaining to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the Persona games were shared with some websites early, with a publishing date of June 14th, which is today. The event took place on June 12th. As Gematsu pointed out, this was also the case with Scarlet Nexus when it was announced at an Xbox event for Microsoft’s platforms and PC, only to be confirmed for other consoles a whole day later.

Press releases usually contain all platforms and are sent out during or immediately after an event so it’s a bit odd, although not surprising, to see multiplatform news embargoed for two days. Microsoft simply wanted the focus on its platforms for a day or two and it’s not like Sony doesn’t indulge in similar practices. As some ResetEra users pointed out, The Callisto Protocol’s pre-orders were initially restricted to PS4 and PS5 even though it’s a multiplatform game.

In other news, The Last of Us Part 1’s timed trial might be headed to PS Plus Premium, and Capcom finally revealed Resident Evil Village DLC and Re: Verse release date.

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