Larry Olson of Brandon old cars will be featured Automania car show

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – If you love classic cars, this weekend is for you.

The Automania car show gets underway in Valley Springs on Saturday and it’s going to feature hundreds of classic cars and hot rods, and a lot of them are owned by one man.

Larry Olson of Brandon has been collecting cars for years.

“When I was a kid I never had a car until I was 21,” Olson said.

He can’t say that now.

From Roadsters to Victorians to Corvettes, Olson says once he started collecting cars he couldn’t stop.

“Because they are your own, when you build from the ground up, they’re your baby,” Olson said.

“I’d buy them, fix them up and sell them and then I told my wife one day, I’m not selling any of these, she said you’re crazy and I said no,” Olson said.

Some of these hot rods….

“This car right here is America’s most beautiful roadster,” Olson said.

… Have been on multiple magazine covers.

That’s why Olson will be one of the featured guests at Automania this Saturday.

This here is a 1958 Chevy Impala, it’s just one of over 300 cars you’ll see on display this weekend.

This 1963 Split Window Chevy Corvette is a rare find. Olson says Kid Rock offered to buy it for a lot of money.

“I said it’s not for sell,” Olson said.

Automania is in its 17th year. Bernie Tyrell, who is one of the organizers, says cars like these bring back a lot of memories for people.

“It makes you feel back in the day when you were a kid when you were having a tremendous amount of fun,” Tyrell said.

“They’re actually a piece of art once they are finished like this, instead of a rust bucket sitting in the trees weeds growing up through them they get to see a finished car way better than what there were when they were brand new,” Tyrell said.

And that’s the beauty Olson wants people to see when they attend Automania.

“I want the young kids to come out and enjoy them, we need to keep this sport going,” Olson said.

Automania gets underway on Main Street of Valley Springs at 11 am this Saturday. In a separate event on Sunday, there’ll be a live classic car auction at the Last Chance Auction Barn just West of Sioux Falls. That gets underway at 10 am

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