Kendra Conyers & Associates Luxury Real Estate

Kendra Conyers

Name: Kendra Conyers

Age: 32

Birthplace / where you were raised: I grew up in Germany and Fayetteville

Where do you live now? Back and forth between Fayetteville and Charlotte

Employer: Kendra Conyers & Associates Luxury Real Estate

Job title: CEO / Broker-in-charge. My job entails running a multi-million dollar real estate brokerage in Charlotte and Fayetteville, NC

Who are your immediate family members? James Conyers Jr .; Kim Conyers; James Conyers III; and Jocelyn Ortega

Education: EE Smith High School; UNC Pembroke (BS in psychology) and Liberty University (MA in marriage counseling)

What community and professional groups are you affiliated with? She Became Women’s Ministry

Here’s the list: Meet the Fayetteville Observer’s 40 Under 40 award winners for 2022

What are your guiding principles? We live in a culture that celebrates outward achievements with little regard for internal prosperity. The totality of success is not in the car we drive, the money we make or having the right address; the totality of success is what lies on the inside. To me, success is defined as wholeness. Therefore, my guiding principle is the ability to live from the inside out.

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