Kelly Clarkson Takes Back Montana Property After Fighting Ex Brandon Blackstock For Months. He Didn’t Go Quietly

The drama between Kelly Clarkson and her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, has been going on for two years. The talk show host filed to end her marriage to Reba McEntire’s stepson in June 2020, and the divorce proceedings have been rife with lawsuits, custody disagreements and fights over the division of their assets. The issue that seemed to cause most of the trouble for the couple was their Montana ranch and, although it looked like that had been settled, with the court ruling that Blackstock had to vacate the property by June 1, he apparently continues to cause problems.

Kelly Clarkson and the music manager reached a settlement in their divorce in March. While a judge ruled that Brandon Blackstock couldn’t be evicted from the property due to his financial circumstances, the former Voice coach agreed to pay him a percentage of the ranch’s value (approximately $ 908,000), while he in turn had to pay $ 12,500 in rent monthly until he moved out. Sources told US Weekly that even though he has now left the ranch, Blackstock was not happy with the situation:

[Brandon Blackstock] wanted to fight the order but was ultimately talked out of it [He] is always asking for more and being a constant thorn in her side.

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