juli Welcomes Michael Seggev as Senior Vice President / Commercial

Seggev brings over 25 years of commercialization experience in healthcare, including B2B go-to-market planning and launch leadership at two disruptive digital health startups. He previously launched products that achieved over $ 1.8 billion in annual sales. Under his leadership, the first device / drug / app combination inhaler for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was brought to market.

“With the addition of Michael, we’re fully focused on commercializing and developing juli to help payers, providers and employers tackle the complexity of chronic and co-morbid conditions,” Hein said. “I look forward to working with Michael to amplify our team’s ability to drive the value of juli with these key customers.”

The juli platform combines data from five sources: electronic medical records, smartphones, wearables, environmental data, and patient-reported information. The platform combines these disparate data sources into AI-driven insights for management of multiple comorbid conditions. These unique capabilities help juli identify previously unseen correlations and drive micro-behavioral changes that can improve complex chronic conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, asthma, migraine, and chronic pain.

In March, the company announced a $ 3.8 million seed round of investment intended to scale its commercial team across the US and conduct randomized clinical trials while building data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Seggev has a proven pedigree in the digital health and chronic disease management arena and has served in healthcare leadership roles since 2005. Past roles include stints as HIV Global Brand Leader at Merck, Global Commercial Lead in Teva’s Digital Health group, and Chief Commercial Officer at Vocalis Health, which pioneered the use of vocal biomarkers and developed products to screen for COVID-19 and monitor chronic patients with COPD and congestive heart failure (CHF). Most recently, Seggev led commercial efforts at Donisi Health, a company providing in-home medical-grade monitoring of multiple cardiopulmonary parameters for patients with CHF, chronic kidney disease, and other diseases.

“The juli team has applied their expertise in data, AI, software and consumer experience to decode the complexity of chronic disease management and simplify the integration of insights derived from the incredible amount of data we all produce every single day,” Seggev said. “Our single solution integrates data from all available sources, working across chronic conditions including complex patients managing multiple conditions at once; I’m thrilled to join juli and accelerate our ability to improve patient health and lower health care costs.”

Chronic and mental health conditions account for 90% of US healthcare expenditures. juli harnesses AI to help people with such conditions and their caregivers gain control by giving them powerful insights into the behavioral patterns that impact their health, like pinpointing triggers that make a complex, multifactorial condition worse, and identifying changes that can help avoid or alleviate a flare-up.

Since launching approximately a year ago, more than 20,000 people have used the juli app to help manage their multiple chronic conditions. The company has already earned high-profile awards including Best New Company of 2021 by MassTLC; has been selected by the US Department of Health and Human Services as one of 15 digital health startups to join the 2022 PandemicX Accelerator cohort; and is one of only nine companies selected into SoftBank Vision Fund’s Emerge Program for 2021.

About juli

juli is a management platform that empowers patients and their care teams to manage complex chronic conditions. The AI-powered app combines patient-provided data, environmental data, and a patient’s social and behavioral context, to identify micro-behavioral changes that can improve their health. juli supports patients with chronic health conditions like asthma, migraine, depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain through a number of evidence-based approaches, and uniquely unites multiple health data sources in one place. For more information visit https://www.juli.co/.

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