John Lincoln Joins Ennoventure Inc As Chief Commercial Officer

Ennoventure Inc, a pioneer in covert product authentication & engagement, announced today that John Lincoln has assumed the role as the new Chief Commercial Officer. He will play a key role for Ennoventure in operational growth and business strategies while using his experience to lead both direct and indirect sales.

With this announcement, the organization brings in Lincoln’s deep operational experience in leading business growth. In his decades-long career, he has worked in countries like Japan, UAE, Brazil, Thailand, and the USA with major roles in companies like AT&T, AirTouch (now known as Vodafone) and Softbank. He has led teams of over one thousand people each and was responsible for delivering revenues exceeding $ 1.5 billion in each of his two last roles. Having worked with multiple cultures across the globe, he is ideally positioned to fine-tune Ennoventure’s sales strategy to address the different nuances of each culture.

Padmakumar Nair, Co-Founder, Ennoventure said, “We are delighted to welcome John Lincoln as Ennoventure’s Chief Commercial Officer. With his diverse global experience and mentorship, we wish to build a truly world-class organization that will address the challenges of counterfeiting across the globe. ”

John Lincoln, Chief Commercial Officer, said, ” Today, Ennoventure has sales and business development folks across the globe, including the US, Europe, Middle east, and the UK. The company has been disrupting the packaging industry and is all set to emerge as a leading anti-counterfeit & engagement solutions provider. I’m excited to be part of Ennoventure’s leadership and look forward to using my experience across the globe to enable team members across different functions so that we can build a counterfeit-free, connected future for humankind. ” John adds that he sees himself as a mentor, rather than a leader. “I have the privilege of being a sounding board for the senior leadership, and I am learning so much from them and other teams. I want to make sure that everyone at Ennoventure always has the right guidance and the right resources at the right time. ”

Ennoventure is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and has its state-of-the-art AI and ML based R&D Center in Bengaluru. Ennoventure is a unique SaaS platform for engaging and authenticating brands across diverse industries like FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Agro-Chemicals, Luxury Goods. Using proprietary technology patented in the US, Ennoventure encrypts information, invisible to the naked eye that customers can scan on their phones to check the authenticity and to engage with the product. In April 2018, the company raised USD 1 million in a seed fund round and raised 5 million USD in series A funding from Fenice Investment Group, USA in July 2021.

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