Interns to help new entrepreneurs in Ernakulam

As part of efforts to start a lakh new enterprises in the State during the current financial year, interns, who will hand-hold entrepreneurs, have been appointed in all the 82 gram panchayats, 13 municipalities in the district, and the Kochi Corporation. The interns have undergone training in the basic tasks they have to do as part of the enterprise development program, Industries department sources said.

They added that interns would hold ward-level meetings, meet ward members of local self-bodies, and identify potential entrepreneurs. They will also explain the various schemes that are available to new investors, who will be identified through ward-level meetings and consultations with local ward members.

The appointment of interns is expected to be a big boost to identifying new entrepreneurs and is part of a plan, along with relaxed regulations on establishing private industrial estates, to draw new investors.

Cheranelloor and Rayamangalam panchayats have been among the first to take steps to organize meetings of potential entrepreneurs. Chereanelloor panchayat president KG Rajesh said a workshop was held recently on new enterprises to enthusiastic response from potential investors. The workshop provided basic instructions on how to start a new enterprise.

He said the response was much more than what was expected, and the panchayat is hopeful that new enterprises will bloom in the coming days. The workshop, organized under the aegis of the Kanayannur Taluk Industries Center, Edappally Block Panchayat, and Cheranelloor panchayat discussed a set of new business ideas as well as ways to raise capital for these enterprises.

Rayamangalam panchayat president NP Rajesh said the round of discussions conducted by panchayat officials on new enterprises had received a substantial number of ideas on potential investment opportunities. He added that Rayamangalam already had a substantial number of new enterprises both within the panchayat and in the surrounding areas. However, the response to the recent meet was encouraging

He said it was the first time that the panchayat authorities were approaching potential entrepreneurs with the question of whether they needed licenses to start industries. He also said a campaign was launched recently to renew licenses for existing industrial units.

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