Here’s What It Costs To Buy Real Estate In Different Vancouver Neighborhoods & It’s Wild

Vancouver, BC might have the least affordable housing market in Canada, but buying a home in some neighborhoods in the city is definitely a bit cheaper than others.

Neighborhoods in Vancouver range from having super luxurious ocean-front houses to more affordable options. But even some of the less desirable areas have wildly high price tags on the homes.

If you’re determined to enjoy life in Vancouver, you’re going to want to scout out the cheapest neighborhoods to buy, unless you’re ready to drop $ 3,702,532 just to live in Arbutus Ridge. Yep, you read that right – that’s the actual benchmark real estate price there.

MoneySense conducted a study and ranked the best neighborhoods in Vancouver to buy property in, “based on value and the potential for price growth.”

In their ranking, they list all of the benchmark prices for property in each neighborhood as of December 31, 2021 – which is pretty shocking to see since they are all super expensive.

It includes all types of property, from detached homes and townhouses to apartment units.

The Cheapest Neighborhoods


The benchmark price for this neighborhood is a cool $ 874,236.

Strathcona is in the Downtown Eastside area of ​​Vancouver and is an old neighborhood full of row houses. It’s a super cute area, and you can live there for a decent price, by Vancouver’s standards anyway.

West End

The benchmark price for this neighborhood is $ 911,711 and still comes below the $ 1 million mark.

Not to be confused with West Vancouver – where the luxury homes are – this area is by the water and English Bay beach. It’s a busy area with lots of shopping, but it’ll cost you to settle down there.

Mount Pleasant

$ 968,276 is the benchmark price for this neighborhood.

This neighborhood was actually ranked as one of the coolest in the world, so that’s something to brag about if you move here. It has some cute vintage shops, unique cafes, and a fun vibe.

The Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Arbutus Ridge

$ 3,702,532 is the most expensive benchmark price for real estate in the ranking, and it goes to Arbutus Ridge.

This is a community full of big homes and beautiful tree-lined streets. It’s pricey but you get what you pay for when you move here.


$ 3,093,460 is the benchmark price for this neighborhood.

Right by Arbutus Ridge is this lovely neighborhood, with parks and luxurious homes. To live there you just have to cough up just over $ 3 million!


The benchmark price for this neighborhood is $ 2,409,226

This is in the same general area as the other expensive neighborhoods and has a similar luxury vibe to it, but you can get away with spending a little bit less.


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