Group urges voters to support increase in money taken from state’s permanent fund for education

LAS CRUCES – Voters in New Mexico will be asked this fall whether they support passage of constitutional amendment raising the amount of money dedicated to public school funding.

Currently, 5 percent of the state’s Land Grand Permanent Fund goes toward funding public education. A question on the November General Election ballot will ask voters whether 6.25 percent of the fund — an increase of 1.25 percent — should be taken out each year to support education initiatives. Specifically, it would increase the amount for public school funding for at-risk students by $75 million annually and allocate about $125 million to early childhood education programs in the state.

Those against the ballot measure say the permanent fund should be left alone, arguing the more money that’s in the fund means the more the fund can accrue, leaving the state in better financial health moving forward.

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