Emergent Waste Solutions Inc. Enters Commercial Production

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Vancouver, BC, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Emergent Waste Solutions Inc. (“EWS”Or“ the Company ”), is pleased to announce that it has commenced commercial production at the Ruby Creek Advanced Thermolysis System (‘ATS’) Plant.

EWS took the ATS technology, first developed to process crumbed rubber from waste tires, through a transformation that enabled it to process waste wood from forestry milling operations to produce valuable biochar, bio-oil, and wood vinegar.

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While making the final adjustments for commercial operation the Company produced 7,000 liters of biochar, and over the coming weeks will be increasing efficiency and production volumes.

The Company has entered into discussions with potential large buyers of our superior biochar. Independent laboratory results have shown that our biochar meets the buyers’ requirements and the Company is arranging site visits from these large, national customers.

States Kevin Hull, CEO of Emergent Waste Solutions: “We believe that our work in adapting the ATS to process wood waste gives EWS a solution to any carbon-based waste material. We believe our technology can now solve challenges ranging from replacing landfills to processing agricultural waste and sewage sludge. ”

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About Emergent Waste Solutions Inc.

EWS is a BC company with exclusive Canadian rights to deploy the world leading Advanced Thermolysis System (“ATS”) technology. ATS is an innovative, secure, efficient, and proven method for the converting of waste materials such as MSW, plastics, biomass, and livestock waste into marketable products, such as activated carbon, carbon black, biochar, syngas, and bio-oil. The Company also has rights for this technology in many countries in South America and Asia. It currently has over $ 200 MM of potential projects in the pipeline.

Yale First Nation and the Ruby Creek Project

Yale is an independent First Nation located at and around Yale, British Columbia. The Nation has 13 Staff members and a 3-person Council who, collectively, are responsible for Community Health, Band Support, Housing, Finance, Social Development, Treaty, Economic Development, Education, Fisheries, Maintenance and Natural Resources. The Yale Nation is a part owner of the Ruby Creek project.
The Ruby Creek project is on lands belonging to the Yale Nation and owes its success to the contributions of the Nation. EWS owns 43% of the Ruby Creek project and the Yale Nation, along with other investors owns the remainder of the project.

Emergent Waste Solutions Inc.  Enters Commercial Production


Kevin Hull

You are invited to click here to view the company website for more information about our technology and products: http://www.ewscanada.com

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