Commercial fleet vehicles can now have digital plates

Reviver will act as manufacturer for the digital plates.

AUSTIN, Texas – Eligible company- and government-owned vehicles can now use digital license plates, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles announced Tuesday.

The department, under state law, is allowed to offer digital plates to commercial fleet as well as government vehicles. Digital plate manufacturer Reviver will serve as the provider for the tech-based plates.

According to Reviver’s website, a battery-powered digital plate, called RPlate, allows for personalization and in-app vehicle registration renewal. A hard-wired RPlate offers additional features such as a vehicle locator and tracking for trips and mileage. Both types of RPlates are tamper-proof and resistant to water, heat and freezing temperatures.

The website also states that companies with commercial fleets can manage their digital plates through a software called RFleet.

“Texans rely on commercial vehicles for the safe and efficient movement of goods and services that are crucial to supporting the state’s economy,” TxDMV Executive Director Daniel Avitia said in a press release. “Offering digital license plates to commercial fleets is part of our ongoing commitment to streamline and modernize motor vehicle services.”

Battery-powered RPlates currently sell for $ 19.95 a month for 48 months or $ 215.40 for four years on Reviver’s website. Hard-wired RPlates sell for $ 24.95 a month for 48 months or $ 275.40 for four years.

Texans interested in purchasing a digital plate must have their vehicle registered in the state and pay an annual administrative fee of $ 95.

“The metal license plate is a 19th-century feature of 21st-century life,” Reviver co-founder Neville Boston said on the company’s website. “The ability of our platform to deliver greater utility, convenience and innovation to everyone across the ecosystem of vehicle ownership is unprecedented. Over time, the data and patterns generated through our unique platform has the opportunity to help evolve our transportation infrastructure and be an important. tool to make travel safer, smarter, and more efficient. ”

Digital plates from Reviver are already available in Arizona, Michigan and California.

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