Baseball tournament raises money for Clark County boy recovering from fall

Kameron May, 12, from Clark County is in a Cincinnati hospital following his fall in April

WINCHESTER, Ky (WTVQ)- A 12-year-old boy from Clark County is still in a Cincinnati children’s hospital recovering after a terrifying fall in April.

Kameron May fell through a skylight of a condemned building in Winchester. He was left with multiple skull fractures and serious brain injuries.

“Compared to where he was three months ago, he’s way better. He’s just taking baby steps every day. This is with the brain, its just such a long process. And they can’t give us an outlook because we certainly don’t know,” said May’s grandmother Sharon Davis.

“The medical bills are still piling up, there’s no set amount. It’s going to be a long hard process to pay his medical bills,” said May’s head baseball coach Aaron Franklin.

But Kameron’s family remains hopeful that the 12-year-old will make a full recovery.

“We feel in our heart what’s going to happen. He’s gonna recover and be back to normal and be playing ball again,” said Davis.

This weekend, the baseball community stepped in to help. Fifty baseball teams came to Winchester for a tournament, all to raise money for Kam’s medical treatment. Grand Slam for Kam was held at Lykins Park.

“The turn out for this has been incredible. It’s beyond anything I could have imagined. The people that put this together, I just can’t thank enough,” said Davis.

Many players came without ever meeting Kam.

“We really just heard about it on social media and stuff. And just wanted to come down here and play to support him and his family,” said 12-year-old Tobie Stacy of the Breathitt Bandits.

“I feel bad for him. Feel bad for his team and just hope he gets better,” said player Jake Fugatte.

Kam’s grandmother is also selling t-shirts and bracelets to help raise some money.

“I want them to know Kameron’s story and I want them to spread the word and keep praying. They’re all athletes too. This could have happened to anyone out here. It could have happened to any one of these kids, so hopefully it’ll help them realize that they need to be a little more careful,” said Davis. Davis says their goal is to get a wheelchair-accessible van.

A Go fund Me has also been set up to help with expenses.

“He’s a guy that picks everybody else up when they get down. Can’t replace a Kameron may on or off the field,” said Franklin.

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