Amid concerns, commercial zone change approved in E’town | Local News

The Elizabethtown Planning Commission heard debate Tuesday regarding a proposed zoning change on Ring Road.

Precision Engineering LLC requested 2101 Ring Road be rezoned from urban residential limited (R-3) to regional commercial (C-3), as the company plans to build a convenience store. Department staff recommended the change to the commission, but several members of the public attempted to convince them otherwise.

Allen Abel told the commission he lived on Foxfire Road and was the president of the Lakewood Park Homeowners Association nearby. He said too much traffic already exists on Pear Orchard Road and, with upcoming developments, traffic will worsen.

“The traffic congestion is going to be exponential over the next few years,” he said.

He said a gas station was not needed in the area, citing several nearby convenient stores, and any sort of business at that location would lead to significant traffic congestion and danger.

“Allowing any commercial facility in this specific area would be a traffic nightmare,” he said.

Other nearby residents also expressed concerns about traffic as well as noise and light pollution from the proposed convenience store.

Commission member Kasey McCrary said she also had traffic concerns, fearing people might try to cut through the development to dodge traffic turning onto Ring Road. She said it could be a “hot mess.”

“I think that kind of precedent could be dangerous,” she said.

She said the concern could be addressed when reviewing the development plan later in the process.

Commission member Ken Dozer said he was concerned with making sure the property was zoned appropriately based on surrounding zonings, and development concerns could be addressed later.

“We can wrestle the development plan 1,000 ways, but I can not find fault with the C-3 zoning,” he said.

He said most of the issues raised at the hearing have more to do with the development plan than the actual zoning.

The commission ultimately voted unanimously to recommend approval to Elizabethtown City Council. That body will be responsible for the final decision on the zone change.


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