Acer to foray into consumer lifestyle products segment

PC Maker Acer India is set to enter the consumer lifestyle market with upcoming launches of water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and ozonisers post the successful test run of air purifiers.

The move is to primarily take advantage of the market opportunities that have opened up due to the pandemic. The company will focus on technology-driven products aimed at facilitating cleanliness and hygiene for the consumers. Acer Inc is a multinational Taiwanese with an extensive portfolio in personal computers – desktops & laptops, servers, workstations, storage devices, peripherals and accessories.

Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer, Acer India told Businessline, “As traditional PC makers, we had to transform our thinking to study and foray into the new segment. We have been in the market for a year now and hope to have a wider and better product portfolio in the next two years. ”

Acer entered the new segment with the launch of two air purifiers, Acerpure Cool C2 in November 2020, Acerpure Pro P2, in December 2021 and Ozone antibacterial sanitizer in March 2022. The launch of these products was intended to study the market in India, post a six to nine-month trial run, Acer has decided to focus on the segment and introduce a wider portfolio. The company plans to expand only in the consumer market and not the industrial market sector, where it has some presence globally.

Goel said that all the consumer products in the portfolio will be app-based and Internet of things (IoT) based as Acer is a technology company at its core. “We aim to deliver technology solutions to consumers since they will associate with us in that regard, compared to traditional competitors,” he added.

Although the products will be imported for the time being, the company plans to begin local manufacture in order to be competitive and make profits amidst high import duties.

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India are among the eight countries in the Asia-Pacific area where Acer sells consumer lifestyle products.

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May 29, 2022


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