8 Necessary Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Storage

Preparing your car for storage is necessary when you need to transport it, clear space on a property, or set it aside for safekeeping. Before storing your car, it’s important to take a few easy but necessary maintenance steps to ensure its long-term functionality and protection. Simply follow these eight essential car storage tips, and it’ll be good to go.

8 steps to prepare your car for storage

Several of Jay Leno’s cars in storage inside an air-conditioned warehouse | Paul Harris / Getty Images

1. Add fuel stabilizer

A fuel stabilizer will keep your car’s gas from oxidizing and thickening, which wreaks havoc on fuel systems. The lifespan of conventional gasoline is only about three to five months of non-use. According to Erie Insurance, it begins breaking down after only 30 days. The best fuel stabilizers can extend that time by as much as two years.

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