10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Do To Get Their Mojo Back

Finding the mojo…

Mojo, colloquially used, indicates special ability or power to deliver extraordinary results. It is that personal energy and a sense of quality that attracts people to you. Your mojo is essentially your confidence and how you manage obstacles.

Imagine yourself when you are in the zone. For example, when you are most confident about what you are doing, you are superbly effective in that task. When you are happy, and full of enthusiasm, you seem to have all the energies needed to get the tasks done. Can you picture these situations clearly?

When you are in this state, the feeling that is driving you is your ‘mojo.’ It might be a different feeling for everybody, but the result remains the same. When you are in the zone and you have your mojo, you will drive yourself forward and ensure your own success.

Entrepreneurs’ pain

As an entrepreneur, you would have realized this by now – in your journey, as much as everyone else, not everything falls into place well. Sometimes everything seems to be failing. You feel lack of enthusiasm for anything. That’s where the ‘mojo’ is needed.

Entrepreneurs are in general, motivated and focused individuals who can draw upon boundless energy levels, high confidence and self belief. Positive mental attitude is their absolute strength.

What happens when you, as the founder or as a core team member feel that you don’t have the mojo? What happens when you feel tired, bored, uninterested or even dissatisfied about your venture or role or business?

Do make sure you surround yourself with people who believe in you and what you’re doing in business. Please make sure you surround yourself with people who don’t mince words when it comes to sharing their views and feedback to you.

At the same time, each of us needs to stay healthy – body, mind, soul – for sustainable energy levels to move forward. Work on these aspects of a healthy you. It is always the easiest excuse to evade this aspect of fitness.

What has worked for others

  • Focus on doing small things and do them well. Each successful task will boost your confidence.
  • If you know what drives you, focus your energies on it. It would help you identify the purpose of your existence, especially from a business perspective
  • Be with positive minded people. Avoid negative energy conversations or those who or that make you feel drained.
  • Do not hesitate to seek help. Sometimes simply unburdening your emotions or feelings in what’s bothering you can be a big stress relief. It could be talking to your family, friends, counselor, therapist, coach, mentor. Just make sure that you talk to people, who won’t use it against you.
  • Pick up that old hobby you have kept aside, and try to spend time on it. It won’t be easy initially. But any passion project always triggers the mojo back.
  • Get to a routine of sorts. Keep time daily for physical exercise. It is one of the most undervalued aspects. Physical activity helps in getting your mojo drive back on track.
  • Keep remembering your big goals. That’s what you want your mojo for!
  • Celebrate every little success and reflect on your thoughts every single day
  • Read newer topics or authors. Meet new people – outside of your general circle of meetings. You will be surprised by the enthusiasm and learnings you could potentially get.
  • Spend time with family. Get regular rest and recovery. For some individuals, solitude and rest work like magic.
  • In short, there are no fixed formula or rules that can get you into your zone. Each of us are unique. Yet there are aspects that others have used to find their mojo back. Work on positivity. See the larger picture. There will always be light after dark.

    (Gender representation of his/he ​​is only representative and the leadership-learnings here are gender-neutral)

    Disclaimer: The above observations are from the author’s experience in coaching – mentoring many individuals across hierarchies, geographies, industries and life stages of organizations and ideas.


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